Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dairy Queen Wrap Up

As September comes to a close, so does Dairy Queen month on the West Virginia Hot Dog Blog. It's been fun. I have certainly gained more evidence that Dairy Queen Code is a real phenomenon and worthy of more study on a statewide basis. According to the DQ website there are more than 50 stores in West Virginia so there is obviously a lot of work to do.

But even though I haven't proven the certainly of the DQ Code, I have learned a lot: I learned that in smaller communities it is often the DQ that has the best dogs, whereas the DQs in the larger towns and cities usually stick closer to the lackluster franchise model. I've also found that in spite of paying exorbitant franchise fees that some DQs eschew the DQ Coney Sauce in favor of real hot dog chili.

While I did make it to all of the local Charleston DQs I didn't get the chance to visit and document all the ones I wanted to. The Eleanor and Montgomery locations were just too far off the beaten path for me this month. The Teays Valley location didn't get a review, but was the neutral ground where my historic meeting with Chris James took place when I talked him into becoming the Huntington agent for W.Va. Hot Dogs. I'll leave the honor of reviewing their hot dogs to him if he chooses. I visited the Hurricane location months ago and was so disappointed by their hot dogs that I didn't even write it up. And that, as they say, is that.

But of the ones I did get to visit, Clendenin and Nitro were hands down the best, with Sissonville Road getting an honorable mention.

I look forward to getting back to the hunt and finding some new unexpected places to find hot dogs.


Rudy Panucci said...

Nice run down on DQ. I didn't realize there were still that many around.

Have you covered the hot dogs at Trevillian's (SP) in Kanawha City yet? I can't vouch for their chili or any other toppings besides mustard, but the dogs themselves are top-notch.

Later, Rudy

Stanton said...
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Stanton said...

Thanks, Rudy.

Yes I have been to Trivillian's. Here's the link.

knee_bone said...

If you ever find yourself in Hinton, WV, I suggest you try...quite possibly the best DQ I have ever been in. Its dining room extends out over the New River below the Bluestone Dam and has some amazing scenery.

Also, they use the toasted square buns with REAL ground beef in their chili and it is delicious.

Growing up in Charleston, my family would frequently travel to Hinton to visit relatives and it was always imperative that we stop at the DQ in Hinton for hotdogs on the New. Even now living in Pittsburgh, whenever I got to Hinton we stop in for dog. My mouth is salivating right now thinking about the DQ dogs during my trip in late October.

I highly recommend this place, but a warning if you go on a Sunday afternoon you may have to wait in a LONG line. The ENTIRE town of Hinton goes to DQ for dogs on Sundays after church.

Rudy Panucci said...

Very cool piece on Trivillians. I should have known the spelling--it's where my folks met back in the 50s.

Later, Rudy