Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Charlotte, NC Hot Dog Review - Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs

'Twas the last of my journey
I was on my way home.

I was weary from traveling,
too tired to roam

Through the halls of the airport
that smelled lovely from food.

I had to have something,
and it had to be good.

There wasn't much time,
my flight would leave soon,

But my body was hungry
and I felt I would swoon.

I ducked into the men's room
to freshen a bit

And then off I would go
to find grub and to sit.

But walking out of the restroom
I was delighted to see

A Nathan's, who sells hot dogs
so famously!

I knew in that instant
my search had its end,

That I could not pass up
this chance to pretend

That I was in New York,
or Philly, or a town

Or a really big city where
Nathan's are found.

So I studied the menu
and much to my pleasure

There it was: Cole slaw!
The wonderful treasure!

So I ordered one up
with slaw and some chili,

And whilst people ran for their planes

I stood by the wall
and wolfed down that ol' dog

I'm sure that to many
I looked like a hog,

But I didn't care
I was lost, deep in thought

About the big hot dog
from Nathan I'd bought.

And what did I think
about the hot dog that day?

I liked it, not loved it,
but I do have to say

That the weenie was great
(about that I can't lie)

But the chili had beans
and the coleslaw was dry.

The bun was toast-crunchy
and a little bit hard;

The onions were tasty,
as was the mus-tard.

Overall a good dog
not the great one I thought

I'd find there at Nathan's
when at last one I got.

By dubyavee standards
it's not all that tasty

Though in its defense
I ate it quite hasty.

I'll give it three weenies
but most for the sake

Of the awesome frankfurters
than Nate's Famous make.

So how do I bring end
to this rhyming review?

I really don't know,
I haven't a clue.

I could think of something clever
like "Happy Hot Dogs to All!"

But that would be too cheesy
and as for minded, too small.

So instead I'll note it's good
to be back in West Virginia

Where people make a dog
that's proper to put in ya.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

Remember that episode of West Wing where they realized that the Chief Justice had finally lost it when he started writing rulings in verse?

The Film Geek said...

Inspired! LOL

Hope your trip ended safely.