Sunday, September 24, 2006

Charleston Area Dairy Queen Review - Sissonville Drive DQ

For 20 years or more this DQ has been doing battle with Skeenie's Hot Dogs, which sits about 500 feet away and across Rt. 21. I have heard from fans of both HDJ's and both have their staunch supporters. Dairy Queen Month has given me a reason to pass by Skeenies (which is difficult) and check out the competition. I was not surprised by the result.

For Hot Dog Joints to co-exist in such close proximity each must offer something different in order to lure their audience away from the nearby competitor. In the case of the Sissonville Drive DQ, that something special is a really meaty chili. It seems to me that they have taken the regular DQ coney sauce and added meat - a lot of meat. The overall flavor of the chili isn't much different from a standard DQ but the texture sure is. The slaw was served in too small a portion to know for sure, but it seemed to be tasty and its texture seemed about right. Like Skeenies, the DQ dog was loaded with finely chopped onions. Overall a nice hot dog. Nearly on par with Nitro DQ. It certainly offers a choice for Rt. 21 travelers who want their hot dog with more meaty chili than Skeenies.

To find both Skeenies and this Dairy Queen, you can either drive west on Washington Street until you intersect Rt. 21, Sissonville Drive, or you can take the Edens Fork Exit off I77 proceed to Rt. 21 and turn left. From either direction it is about a mile on Rt. 21 to this little double dose of good W.Va. Hot Dogs.

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Christopher Scott Jones said...

So how many possums did you run over while driving up WV 21? The over-under is 3.