Sunday, November 05, 2006

Building the Perfect WV Hot Dog, Test 2

After marking out big time for the Manwich-esque sauce on the Johnny Dog that I had at Southside Chevron, I was inspired to go back to the kitchen and try to make another great WV dawg.

I followed the directions on the can of Manwich sauce (easy enough) and stuck it in the fridge for a couple days to allow the flavor to soak into the meat. I then heated it up, topped it on an all-beef Cavalier, which was itself on a superfresh Sunny Bun. On top of the sauce I put some Gunnoe's slaw (Ballard's was still of the shelves when I bought it), diced sweet onion, and French's yellow.

Overall, a pretty good dog for the time put into its creation. Cavalier and Heiner's are always tops on my list, so no problem there. I used the butcher's trimmings from Kroger's for the ground beef, which I would highly recommend. It's basically the trimmings from the roasts and steaks, so there is no mystery meat like there is in the regular ground beef. Plus, its only $2 a pound (you have to buy four or five pounds, however) so it is a perfect combination of price and quality. The onions were the basic fall sweet onions they have at stores now. Not Vidalias, but not bad. The Gunnoe's slaw is far from my favorite and did hurt the overall quality with its general blandness.

I'd give this dog 3.5 weenies as is (4 with better slaw). I've gotten burnt out on Custard Stand sauce and it was nice to have a change. The Manwich was not as good as Johnny Dog sauce, so its not a substitution or anything, but its a great way to use up leftover Manwich

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