Monday, November 27, 2006

Morgantown Hot Dog Joint - Hot Dog Barn

Located just off the main drag through Sabraton, this little hot dog joint has big surprises for WVHD lovers.

Suprise #1 - Even in this far northern location slaw is listed as an optional topping on the menu. Chili, onions and mustard are standard but when I ordered mine with slaw I didn't even get a funny look. This, in a location that is even north of slawless Marion County!

Surprise #2 - The slaw is served in a heaping-helping! I was astounded when I saw the how they piled it on.

Surprise #3 - The slaw is just excellent! It tastes nearly perfect and is a perfect texture. It is as creamy and sweet as any slaw you would find at even a southern W. Va. HDJ.

Surprise #4 - The chili is great. It is just spicy enough to make its presence felt and it is meaty and has enough liquid in it to give it a really good texture.

Surprise # 5 - The bun was steamed to absolute perfection! Even though the dog was served in a coffin it was delightfully gooey and had excellent weight to it.

Surprise # 6 - This hot dog is simply one of the best hot dogs I have found in all of West Virginia!

On the downside, The Hot Dog Barn is one of those little roadside places that is difficult to know when they are open. This is the third time I've stopped and the first time the lights have been on. But I'm very glad I kept trying! This is a great hot dog joint with great hot West Virginia hot dogs!

Since I'm not very familiar with the area I can't give you great directions, but if you get off I68 at the Sabraton exit and head toward town, keep looking to the right and you'll see the Hot Dog Barn just before you get to the Hero Hut. Just look for the six-foot tall hot dog squirting ketchup on his head.

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