Sunday, November 12, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - Peggy's Dairy Treat

About two miles up Campbell's Creek Road sits this little piece of nostagia that has everything you might expect from something called "Peggy's Dairy Treat", and a few things you wouldn't expect.

First, there's Peggy. She's been there for decades and still greets customers with a smile as she takes their order. Then there are the dairy treats: A whole compliment of ice cream dishes and milk shakes adorn the menu and they all look pretty tasty. The building is also what you'd expect in a roadside dairy bar except that it has been modified from its former walk-up only status to include a small dining room whose walls are painted purple for no apparent reason.

What you might not expect is that Peggy's has things on the menu like baked steak and gravy and a full line of scrumptious home made cakes and pies in addition to the ice cream.

But you would expect hot dogs in a place like this and you will definitely find them.

Peggy's hot dogs are true West Virginia Hot Dogs. Not the best, but perhaps the most typical specimen you are apt to find in the Charleston area. The chili, while meaty and tasty, tastes of no spice other than chili powder. It is served somewhat sparingly. The slaw is coarse but nicely sweet and great tasting. The bun was steamed and onions were sweet. Not much to say, just a good hot dog in a sweet little roadside stand. The atmosphere is made more authentically West Virginian by the rumble of coal trucks that zip up and down Campbell's Creek Drive incessantly. One even stopped there to pick up lunch while I was there.

Peggy's is open daily from 10 AM - 8 PM.

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