Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Charleston Hot Dog Joint Review - Chaser's Boulevard Cafe

Located in the former Carbon Fuel Building, (now called Boulevard Towers) this little restaurant location has seen many different tenants over the years. Most have had very good food but the parking and other traffic limitations have caused them to go belly up, one by one. The latest incarnation seems to have a better toe-hold than some of the others and here's hoping they stay around a good long time because they offer a good hot dog to office workers on a side of town that has not many other options.

The decor of the place is Coca-Cola Americana, with more Coke trinkets per square inch than most any other place I've seen.

The menu lists a regular hot dog and an all-beef version for a few pennies more. I tried the all-beef and it was a good choice. The weenie was very good indeed. The bun seemed to be pretty much out of the bag and could have used a good steaming but it tasted OK.

The slaw was finely chopped and had a nice flavor but not terribly sweet. It was served in an adequate sized portion but it was just a touch too dry to be perfect. The onions were coarsely chopped.

The chili was remarkable because it had a strong beefy flavor but not much else. It had the midwestern loose-meat texture and I coudn't detect a trace of spice. With the slaw, though, it worked.

Overall Chaser's serves a pretty good hot dog, but not a great one.

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