Friday, January 27, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - WV Capitol, West Wing Snack Bar

MShane has contribued this new review of the WV Capitol, West Wing Snack Bar's hot dog offerings.

"So, the location for some hidden treasures for hot dog lovers is in the basement of the WV Capitol, West Wing Snack Bar. Don't let my photo scare you off, I was interrupted during the hotdog photo shoot and before I could get back to them, I had eaten them! These hotdogs are awesomely delicious.

The Snack bar is independently run I believe and all the food is home cooked goodness. A hotdog with everything comes with: Ketchup, Mustard, Chili, Slaw and Onions. The chili is mild yet flavorful and the slaw is top notch with a hint of sweetness. The buns are steamed and they are served to go in styrofoam boxes so they can get quite messy if you have a long haul back to your office. Take some napkins with you.

As for price, they can't be beat. The meal you see above (2 Hotdogs with everything and a bag of chips) costs a mere $3.50!!!!!! You'll have to get your own drink, they do have bottled soda for sale and there are vending machines fairly close by.

I live within a mile and half of Skeenies on Route 21 and I have eaten Skeenies Dogs all my life. I think these beat Skeenies hands down, and that's saying something I think! If you find yourself in the Capitol and hungry, stop in and give them a try."

What is it with photographers and hot dogs?

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