Saturday, January 07, 2006


OK, first of all we understand that WV Hot Dog chili isn't chili. It is a chili-like substance that includes ground beef, chili powder, and something to give it a reddish-brown hue (usually a tomato product).

Chili can make a big difference in the character of the dog. Chris's chili has a distinctive slow-burn that makes it a favorite of fans of spicy hot dogs. Romeo's has a much tamer chili and I once took a Chris's fan there and he left his dog half-eaten in protest. Some of the best chili I have tasted comes from church-run hot dog sale fundraisers. Church chili is typically much meatier and served in larger quanity.

So all you chili-centric hot dog fans, chime in on your favorite hot-dog joints in the Charleston area.

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moobrittmom said...

A good chili is hard to find. As one of those strange people who don't eat the weenie on their dog (they're called chili dogs for us, and I'm always embarrassed to order them; I make my husband order for me), the chili is the "meat" of the dog for me. I agree that no WVHD joint can even come close to church chili. But church chilis are so inconsistent -- the chili is not always made by the same cook. My mom made the best WVHD chili I ever ate.