Sunday, January 08, 2006

The "Restaurants"

Here, in no particular order, is a list to begin the discussion of our favorite hot dog joints. I'm thinking locally owned businesses, but some chains might have a decent dog on their menu. Please add your comments.

Skeenie's - Sissonville Drive
Chris's Hot Dogs - Washington St. West
Romeo's Grill - Near the Mound in So. Charleston
Sam's Hot Dog Stand - Hale Street
Whitey's Sandwhich Shop - North Charleston
Towne & Country Lanes - Nitro
Galaxy Lanes - Kanawha City
Snack Bar - Kanawha County Courthouse


Rick Lee said...

I'm going to have to go around to these places and try them out. I haven't eaten at most of them. As you know, I'm leaning towards Chris'.

Rick Lee said...

I hate comments that don't show up right away.

Stanton said...

Sorry Rick. I forgot to turn off the moderate button. I hate it too.

Marc said...

My favorite is the Snack Bar on the Second Floor of the Kanawha County Judicial Annex, although I haven't had a broad exposure to all of the offerings in Charleston. Those of us in Huntington are proud of the diversity of our hot dogs; we go far beyond Hillbilly Hotdogs or Stewarts. We also claim the best hot dog sauce that was never intended to be hot dog sauce (Jim's Spaghetti Sauce; try it). Maybe its time for a little friendly competition to see which city's dawgs are best!

Stanton said...

Good idea Marc. I'll put the Huntington v. Charleston dog survey in the hopper.

Rick Lee said...

Hi Marc... good to see you around.

Stanton... I have some photos and review of Skeenies. If you give me an email address I'll send them to you.

Fred Friar said...

w/o question the best hot dog came from the "New Deal Lunch" in Beckley, in the 1950 era, Home mad bun and sause, does anyone besides me remember, Most dogs these day are not fit to eat,

Mike Ballburn said...

The dogs at the Dunbar Bowling alley are first rate.