Saturday, June 03, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - Market Drive Bar & Grill

Another adventure in second-hand smoke, this tiny place sits near the confluence of Pennsylvania Avenue, Market Drive and Crescent Road. It is a delightful little beer joint in a small metal building that has a sign luring in seekers of hot dogs and hot bologna sandwiches. The crowd definitely qualifies as "old codgers". Service is friendly and quick, and the mid-day clientele is as lively as any place I've been.

The dogs are unremarkable, except for one thing: the chili is of the "boiled meat" style (where hamburger is boiled instead of browned in a frying pan) which gives it a distinctive texture. The taste a bit bland. The slaw seemed homemade but it too lacked any distinctive flavor.

Interesting little place, bit not worthy of any special effort to go for a hot dog.

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