Friday, June 16, 2006

The Huntington Swing

My trip to Huntington wasn't as fruitful as I had hoped. I was able to get by Stewart's 4th Avenue stand and the review is now posted over at, but I found the Midway Drive In boarded up. I went to Jim's Spaghetti House because someone told me you could get hot dogs with their spaghetti sauce on them. The very nice waitress smiled sweetly and said I could get a pint of sauce to take home but they didn't have hot dogs. So I got one out of three, which would be good batting average but is kind of frustrating when searching for hot dogs.

I plan on going back for the July 29th West Virginia Hot Dog Festival and I plan a major post after that event.

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The Film Geek said...

Midway owed over 10K in back taxes to the city, so the city called on them one day a couple months ago to pay up. Been closed since. Man, I hate that burgers in town.