Friday, June 09, 2006

Huntington Here We Come!

I have to be in the River City next week for a couple of meetings and I plan on sampling as many dogs as I can while I am there. I'm definitely going to get reacquainted with Stewarts but in order to make the most of my trip I need suggestions for other HDJ's to try out. Leave your suggestions in a comment or send it via email


Donutbuzz said...

Hillybilly Hot Dogs, Frostop, Bowincal's downtown...but I think you've covered these...if not, those are the main ones I have for now.

Stanton said...

I haven't done Bowincals. All the ones around Charleston have closed. I'm glad to know there's still one in Huntington.

bingmanch said...

Since you are talking roadtrips, if you ever make it up to Parkersburg, you HAVE to try Mr. Hot Diggity Dog, located about 2 miles north of the Grand Central Mall on Grand Central Ave, in Vienna. Should be about 29th or 30th street, right on Grand Central Ave (WV Route 14, on your map).