Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Charleston HDJ Review: Diana's Snack Bar

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I present you with the simple facts of the case:

  1. Diana's Snack Bar sits right next door to the Swiftwater Cafe on Washington Street in downtown Charleston.
  2. Swiftwater has some of the best dogs in town, especially if you are weenie fan.
  3. Swiftwater has arguably the best and friendliest service of any HDJ in town.
  4. At Diana's you get a mediocre microwaved hot dog that is obviously made with off the shelf pre-packaged coleslaw and probably canned chili as well.
  5. It's hard to eat only one Swiftwater hot dog. It's hard to eat a whole Diana's hot dog.
So the question before you today is, "Why on earth does Diana even serve hot dogs?"

If you can help solve this mystery then perhaps you can help find Jimmy Hoffa.

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