Friday, June 23, 2006

New HDJ Review - Timmy's Snack Shack

In 2003 a major flash flood covered Mill Creek with up to six feet of water. See some amazing video of the flood here. The flood took out several businesses including a car wash (which the video shows going under for the last time). In 2006 a tiny roadside stand popped up in the very spot where the car wash once stood: Timmy's Snack Shack. "Snack Shack" is an apt name for the place. A little hut with white vinyl siding, two service windows to satisfy the hordes (which were not in evidence when I was there) and two tables for al-fresco dining, one with an umbrella and one without. Not a lot on the menu, but fortunately hot dogs are one of the offerings. I was surprised to see a lack of ice cream treats since this is exactly the kind of place you'd expect to find a soft-serve cone or a milk shake. But no matter, I came for the hot dogs. Not exactly a basic WVHD, Timmy's starts with a New England Style bun perfectly grilled so it provides a slight crunchy exterior. The bun really adds a neat spin to the otherwise normal dog and while I prefer soft and gooey dogs, I still found this to be very satisfying. The chili is sweet with not much kick, but it is just about perfect in texture. The slaw is pretty darn good and the onions are so finely chopped that they are difficult to distinguish from the slaw; a really nice touch. I had two dogs and went away craving another. The only thing that could make it better for my taste buds would be a little more spiciness in the chili and perhaps a little larger helping of slaw. But that's just me being picky. I think that most people would really like Timmy's dogs just the way they are. To get to Timmy's Snack Shack, head out Greenbrier Street and go about a mile past Capitol High School. Timmy's will be on your left just across the street from the apartment complex. Five minutes or so from the I64 Greenbrier Street exit. See the full review and more photos under Charleston Area HDJ Reviews over at

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The Film Geek said...

The English buns make the dog for me. When growing up in Summersville, we'd trek out to the DQ near the lake (now called Fat Eddie's, or something similar). They had the best English buns then.