Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chapmanville Hot Dog Joint Review - Dairy Delight

While I was in Logan last week checking out the extraordinary one-two punch of Parkway and Morrison's, I thought I should check to see what kind of hot dogs they have in Logan's neighbor to the north, Chapmanville. I went in blind, not having any idea which way to turn off the exit to find a hot dog joint, or whether there was one in town at all. I didn't wonder long as I saw the familiar red and white mansard roof that says "Dairy Queen" without words. Actually this facade belongs to one of the many former Dairy Queens that continues on in life as a DQ impersonator. Luckily most of these places change their hot dogs once they make the name change. The Dairy Delight, as it is now called, seems to be a small regional chain; I saw one in Logan while I was searching for Morrison's. They have standard offerings of fast food and ice cream treats and the menu board looks just like a DQ board. I was fearful that the hot dogs would be just like DQ too. The Dairy Delight offers regular buns and a grilled New England Style bun as an upgrade. I splurged. Standard equipment is, of course, chili, slaw, mustard and onions. I sampled the chili first and found it to be nearly identical in texture and taste to that of Parkway. Flavorful but lacking pizzaz. The slaw was unremarkable but the bun and weenie were very good. This would be a good place to go if you are a weenie and bread kinda hot dog fan, but since there are two really good hot dogs just down Corridor G a few miles, a real hot dog lover would not mind making the trip. I'm going to give Dairy Delight a 3, primarily on the strength of the bun.

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