Monday, January 29, 2007

Charleston HDJ Review: Clo's Uptown Eatery

Across Washington Street from CAMC General Division sits this little building that has houses numerous incarnations of numerous restaurants over the years. The most recent is Clo's Uptown Eatery. A fairly extensive menu includes a lot of soul food faves like collard greens and catfish and also some basic fast food items like, interestingly enough, hot dogs.

Everything includes chili, slaw, mustard and onions. Of these toppings Clo's slaw is the only thing worth elaborating on. It is a little too coarsely chopped for my tastes, but the flavor was just excellent. It would be great as a side dish to some of the wonderful smelling fish they had frying in the back. The chili was just OK and the amount of care that went into the preparation and assembly of the hot dog was lacking. In their defense they were quite busy when I was there (they seem to really be a favorite of paramedics and hospital support staff - a good alternative to the hospital cafe I guess). The service was also dreadfully slow, presumably to the crush of the lunch hour.

I plan on going back to Clo's to check out the fish, but the hot dogs only rate a marginal 2.5 Weenies at best; I don't think I'll go back for another.

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