Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Charleston Area Hot Dog Review - Dairy Belle

Not to be confused with M&M Dairy Bell in Chesapeake, OH, this Dairy Belle is a recent refugee from the Dairy Queen empire. It sits right along US Route 60 just past Witcher Creek, less than a mile from Riverside High School. The sign still has the skeletal remains of the DQ logo and the tell-tale "Brazier" lettering above the changeable letter marquee.

The hot dogs are refugees from the DQ days as well. They still use the New England Style bun which is the only good thing about this hot dog. The weenie, chili and slaw are tasteless and the mound of finely chopped onions that covered the top of the hot dog tasted old.

Obviously this restaurant is in transition, having only abandoned the DQ identity recently. Perhaps they haven't found their new identity yet. When they do I hope they will make a better effort at producing a good hot dog. The location is good enough to make a go of it, but if this is the best they can do I don't think that they'll make it.

1 1/2 Weenies. If that.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

Hmm, so is this Kanawha County's worst hot dog?

Stanton said...

Oh, I've had worse. 7-11s, Go Marts, etc. that I never even bothered writing a review. But for a real HDJ to have a hot dog this bad is worth noting.