Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hamlin Hot Dog Joint - M&R Restaurant

When I went in search of Kenny's, I passed this nice and neat little restaurant on the road to West Hamlin just outside the Real Hamlin. I thought I should stop because one never knows when one will be in Hamlin again; it's not on the way to anywhere.

What I found at the M&R Restaurant was a very typical small town place with everything on the menu you'd expect to find, including hot dogs.

The hot dogs were like home made, only better, with prety good chili (only they call it sauce), tasty slaw and huge chunks of onions on top. The bun was warm and a bit crusty as if it had been warmed in an oven. Fairly straightforward WVHD. Not a lot to elaborate on. Good hot dog. A solid 3.5 Weenie rating.

I just had to sample their Turkey Bacon Club because it is one of my very favorite non-hot dog sandwiches. I can safely report that M&R has the best TBC I have ever tasted. The bacon was definitely premium quality and the turkey had a peppery border that really brought the whole thing to life.

The only thing to add is that the service is friendly and prompt.

M&R is located just outside Hamlin near Lincoln County High School. They are closed Saturday's but open the rest of the week.

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Unknown said...

I love their food. And I'm so happy to say that I work there. Their jalapeno bites r awesome and so is their chicken fried steam