Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Very Unusual Hot Dog - Spring Hill Pastry Shop

Pop Quiz: How can a hot dog have no chili or slaw and still earn a Five-Weenie rating on this blog? (You will find the answer is at the end of the post)

Spring Hill Pastry Shop in South Charleston has long been a favorite place for goodies. Their sheet cakes are legendary and their brownies are unspeakably delicious. They have cream puffs and eclairs that will make you think you've died and gone to heaven. And the donuts? Don't even get me started on the donuts!

Suffice it to say that everything that Spring Hill Pastry creates is first-class. Still, when I overheard someone talking about the hot dogs they sell I was intrigued. I knew that they would be great like everything else they sell, but I was more interested in the novelty of a bakery selling hot dogs than anything else.

So one day at lunchtime I visited the shop. Bad mistake. Never, ever walk into this place when you are hungry, unless you also have no money. If you do have money, you will have none when you leave. The selection of beautiful, scrumptious goodies is immense. You will be tempted to get at least one of everything - and if you do it will cost you approximately $380. Luckily I only had $10 when I went in. I had 27 cents when I left, but that is only because the cheapest item they have is 35 cents and they wouldn't sell me half of a donut.

But I did get hot dogs. And after trying them for myself, I can safely make several claims about it:

  1. Chris James and his Huntington Heiners' connection can't hold a candle to the softness of the bun that cradles the...
  2. ...Sweetest toppings ever put on a hot dog.
  3. It is the prettiest hot dog ever.
  4. "Everything" includes chocolate icing drizzled artistically over the top of the sweet filling.
OK, I've carried on this ruse just about as long as it will go. The Spring Hill Pastry "Hot Dog" is basically a doughnut/eclair type creation that somewhat resembles a real hot dog, thus the name. The "bun" is basically an elcair that is split on one side and filled with a delicious cream filling. I just had to include it here just for fun, but you should try one - or a dozen - at your earliest convenience.

I am awarding these hot dogs an honorary Five Weenie Rating! Take your pick between "plain" and "everything," either way you will not be disappointed.


Jim said...

Damn... Now I am REALLY hungry.

Anonymous said...

My stomach is growling now. Those look delicious!

clear eyes said...

That sweet, creamy, white stuff sure beats cole slaw any day!

Christopher Scott Jones said...


Stanton said...

Pay him no mind, Chris. Clear Eyes is from the north country. A Penn State grad nonetheless! What could he POSSIBLY know about slaw?

TAGAL99 said...

mmmmmmm.........if u haven't tried one - ur missing out! they're awesome!

WVgrlFLworld said...

Oh how I miss these!

Pudytat said...

It is NOT an eclair. An elcair is a bland puff pastry dough that is baked in an over and filled with custard. The hot dog doughnut is an actual sweet doughnut dough that is deep fried, cut open like a hot dog bun and filled with a whipped royal cream icing and dusted with powdered sugar (optional chocolate fudge drizzle if you like too)!