Saturday, July 19, 2008

2008 Weenie Awards: Best Crinkle Cut Fries

I have been a lover of a good WV-style dog ever since I was a wee tot. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a great hd with beefy sauce, creamy slaw, sweet onions, and tangy French's yellow.

Well, nothing 'cept one of those with some fresh-from-the-grease crinkle cut fries. Beyond mere shoe-string taters or seasonably-varying onion rings, crinkle fries capture the unpretentious essence of the WV hot dog like no other side.

And there is one WV HDJ that serves up up hot 'n tasty every single time.

Sam's Hot Dog Stand, a 5 weenie joint in its own right, uses clean, hot oil to produce crinklers that are crisp, but not greasy, and taste like potatoes, not yesterday's fish sandwich platter special. They'll even top them with Sam's special hot dog sauce, one of the best anywhere.

Congrats, Sam's of Lavalette and thanks for knowing how to make a great hot dog even better.


Jim said...

Wow! I didn't realize Sam's of Lavalette had crinkle cut fries.

The 8th Street Sam's has been my primary HDJ, but since moving to Lavalette at the 1st of July, the Lavalette location is my new hot dog home. Yet, I've just been ordering my usual combo with chips.

Can't believe that I've missed out on those killer fries.

Plus on August 4th they're moving to a new location a little bit down the road, which is literally 2 doors from our house. I hope they bring that deep fryer with them!

Meanwhile, I'm going to weigh 300 pounds by christmas. :-)

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Knowing how rapidly the menu can change at a small mom 'n pop place, I'm hopin' they brought along the vat, too.

Jim said...

Bad news... no crinkle cuts at the old Lavalette Sam's anymore. I'm hoping that means they've moved the vat to the new location that opens Aug. 4.

Since they will be my new neighbor, I will be sure to let you know.

Christopher Scott Jones said...


I hereby suspend this award until confirmation of crinklers at the new location.

If they cannot fulfil their crinkley obligations, the award will go to Frostop, the first runner-up.

Jim said...

Sorry to confirm that the new Lavalette Sam's no longer offers french fries.

They're still a formidable HDJ and the proximity 2 doors from my home is a huge plus (for my waistline), but no fries here. :-(