Monday, July 07, 2008

A Requested Re-Review - The Hot Dog Hut, Philippi

The Hot Dog Hut in Philippi, WV When I originally reviewed The Hot Dog Hut in Philippi, I gave them a three weenie rating, stating that I found their hot dogs to be just "safe". The biggest problem I had with my hot dog at the time was that when I unwrapped it, the chili and slaw had mashed together into a rather ugly looking presentation. Consequently, the flavors of the chili, slaw, and mustard became indiscernible from one another. As a result, I stated that the chili tasted as though it had fillers in it.

Immediately thereafter, a response appeared on the blog from Angie, the owner of The Hot Dog Hut. She pointed out that since the photo of the hot dog was posted, Hot Dog Hut had changed the way the they prepare to-go hot dogs, favoring a paper boat and sleeve instead of wrapping up tightly. Another point she made was that the homemade chili did not contain any filler, and that the slaw was also made with TLC (as were soups and salad dressings). In addition, she pointed out that the restaurant was one of the best looking places to eat in town. Angie finalized that she believed The Hot Dog Hut was worthy of at least a four weenie rating.Philippi Hot Dog Hut hot dog Being as she was unbelievably polite, I agreed to a second chance review.

For my revisit I ordered WVHD by the numbers and ate in. I was greeted with a warm and enthusiastic smile, and had my order delivered to my table almost before I got fully seated. The statement about the appearance of the restaurant is definitely true. The place is spotless and appealing to the eye. The hot dog was certainly a major improvement from my last visit. The bun was the definition of "steamed to perfection". The chili and slaw were not blended together in a slurry, but rather sat majestically on top of one another in a fantastic presentation.

For taste, the chili had a rich and wonderful beef flavor. The beautiful brown coloring owed itself to how well prepared the mixture was. The texture was complex and satisfying. Each bite tasted like heaven. This was easily one of the best chilis I've had in this north central area. The slaw was seriously fresh, crunchy, and had a nice balance of sweet and tart. This slaw will certainly be in the running for the Weenie Awards.

Sorry folks, but I still can't bring myself to give The Hot Dog Hut four weenies. Nope...I have to say that I can give no less than a five weenie rating. It says much that The Hot Dog Hut picked up the game and hit one out of the park.


Stanton said...

I'm pretty sure that's the first time the word "majestically" has been used in a hot dog review on this blog, and probably anywhere else!

When I started this blog, this is exactly the effect I hoped it would have: Caring HDJ owners using the constructive feedback to the betterment of the whole weenie world.

You make us proud, Angie!

Christopher Scott Jones said...

I smell Weenie Award.

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

I was beginning to run out of adverbs. Perhaps someone will get me one of those word-a-day desk calendars for Christmas.

As far as weenie awards, I can confirm it's under consideration.