Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome My Z viewers and readers!

Welcome to all the folks who surfed over here via My Z's link to our Huntington review section. WVHotDogs.com thanks Jessica Ralston and the rest of the gang at our favorite newscast, My Z's 10 PM news, for the coverage online and on last Friday's newscast.

I love the fact that Ralston and Co. weed through all of the boring stories that we can choose to read or not read online and stick to a concise report of the goin's on of the day. Stanton says that he enjoys not having to stay up til 11:35 to get the news.

My 2 year-old son just thinks that Jessica Ralston is "pretty like mommy."

Anyway, thanks again for think link. As Stanton says, you've made our year.

My Z 10 PM news can be seen on digital subchannel 3.2 in Advantage Valley; otherwise, check your local cable company's listings.


The Film Geek said...

That's great! You guys deserve the media buzz, especially this time of year.

(Now if only I could get MyZTV interested in my take on Oprah, or how much I hated Basic Instinct 2!)

MountainLaurel said...

Here, here! Though I disagree vehemently on the coleslaw bit, you all perform a valuable public service in keeping the world from bad hot dogs, and I'm glad you're getting the recognition you deserve.

Unknown said...

Hey guys I'll be back home August 7-11, and plan to visit several WVHD locations. Most have been picked based on where I grew up Gassaway DQ was my school bus stop, born in Buchannon, so T&L and DQ there. And from your reviews new places, The Spot in Flatwoods, next to my old high school, Skeenies, and Hometown this years weenie awards, T&L on Bridgeport hill, Clendennin DQ, oh and the place cross the bridge in OH, . . .Tell me what I'm miss'n . .

The Film Geek said...

The Drennen Dairy Bar on Rt. 39, between Summersville and Gauley Bridge.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Dude, just hit as many places as possible as many times as possible. Get hot dogs and crinkle cut fries 'til you explode. Just pick up some jeans the next size up at WalMart, then hit the treadmill when you get home.