Thursday, July 17, 2008

2008 Weenie Awards: Best Downtown Charleston Hot Dog

"Location, location, location" is the universally accepted paramount concern of business. Equally as important for a successful Hot Dog Joint is consistency, consistency, consistency. There is one downtown HDJ that has demonstrated a consistent commitment to excellence over the past couple of years that just begs to be rewarded, and I am happy to be the one to reward them.

Award for the best hot dog in downtown Charleston. Their hot dog is made with the highest quality ingredients, put together in a way that lets you know that this is a place that cares about its product and its customers. Using a premium weenie (Boar's Head) is a good start, but on top of that sits a really meaty and slightly spicy chili that The Swiftwater Cafe wins this year's Weeniealways tastes like it was made this morning, and a big helping of the some of the best slaw in West Virgina: It is sweet and tasty, and the perfect texture for a WVHD, and has a story to go with it: You see, a couple of years ago after reading Swiftwater's review on this blog, owner Teddy Queen made a decision to change his slaw. He sought out a new recipe, one that was sweeter and more compatible with his chili. After he had it right, he emailed me and asked me to come and try it. I did and as a result, Swiftwater earned the Weenie Award for best slaw last year.

The only knock I have is that "everything" includes ketchup. Oh well, nobody's perfect.

Teddy should be proud of what he has created there at Swiftwater. Not only is his food excellent but the people that work for him seem to really enjoy their jobs and treat customers like gold. It is a rare treat in this day of customer non-service to receive a sincere smile along with your food order, and I have never eaten at Swiftwater when I didn't feel welcomed and appreciated. Simply remarkable.

Congratulations, Teddy and staff, on your committment to hot dog excellence. Keep up the good work!


wvapoker said...

At the last minute some of the Fork You crew switched lunch locales from the Capitol Market to Swiftwater. I was very pleased, but under strict blogging rules I got a Hamburger instead of hot dogs.

One of the many things that impressed me was the speed of service. My coworkers hog dog orders were filled in one minute and fifteen seconds. Amazing!

He is very proud of his weenie awards.

sarita said...

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