Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2008 Weenie Awards: Best Taylor County Hot Dog

Whether you are heading east or west along US Route 50 through Grafton, should definitely hope that you have the time to stop in for Taylor County's best version of the West Virginia Hot Dog at Hometown Hot Dogs.

What sets Hometown apart from the other HDJs in Grafton is the attention to detail that's put into the components, particularly the slaw. Hometown's Grafton location has one of the best slaws in the area, emphasizing a creaminess that nicely compliments the always enjoyable chili.

Another factor in naming this as Taylor County's best is that everything is kept simple, from the cool white interior, to the uncluttered menu, to the lack of a TV or radio blaring over top all of the friendly conversations that are always going on.

Congratulations to Hometown Hot Dogs for giving WVHD fans Taylor County's best hot dog. Keep up the good work!


Christopher Scott Jones said...

Did it used to be a church?

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

At one time the Hometown building was either the Fetterman United Methodist Church itself or at least part of it. The bell tower you see on the left side of the picture is part of the current church building next door.

Steve said...

I lived in Grafton from 1956-1961 and that's were I got my flavor for dogs ALL THE WAY which included slaw. My parents would phone in an order for 12 dogs all the way from a resturant that somewhere down town. They steamed the buns, cooked the dogs on the grill, then put them in the buns, add mustured, chili, slaw, and chopped onions.

In 1972 while in the Navy, I was stationed in Long Beach, Ca where I met my wife. We were dating and one evening while taking a walk, we came across a very small one windowed hot dog stand. I ordered a dog all the way but what I got was not what I expected. It didn't have slaw. I handed it back and reminded the girl I'd ordered a dog all the way. She said is was. I told her it didn't have slaw and I wanted some on it. The look she and my wife gave me was as if they had sucked on a lemon.

Today, we don't have hot dogs without slaw. It's the ONLY way we serve and eat them in our home. Our son is married and lives in North Dakota and he's teaching them how to properly fix hot dogs. Our daughter.. well.. she never really liked slaw. Go figure