Friday, July 25, 2008

2008 Weenie Awards: Charleston's Best Hot Dog (Suburban)

There is no HDJ in or around Charleston that can match the quality, charm and longevity of Skeenie's Hot Dogs. Sitting on the side of Rt. 21 for 50 years just at the edge of Charleston city limits, this little gem of a HDJ is as close as it gets to being the original WVHDJ, and I mean that in a geographical sense as well as a philosophical sense. You see, tradition holds that the first place to ever serve coleslaw on a hot dog was The Stopette Drive In, which used to sit less than a half mile from where Skeenie's is today. And some people say that The Stopette recipe is still being used by Skeenie's. Now I don't know about that, but I do know that when I want an authentic WVHD and don't feel like taking a chance on getting a bad one, Skeenie's is the first place I think about going.

The chili at Skeenie's is always great: Spicy and perfect in texture. The slaw is wonderfully creamy and sweet. Skeenie's is never afraid of onions either and they load 'em up. Put it all together on the softest steamed bun and wrap it up in a wax paper sleeve and you have yourself a Five Weenie treat!

I hope Skeenie's is around for another fifty years!


Christopher Scott Jones said...

The deserve a lifetime achievement award just for those great personalized weenie wrappers.

B. Sovine said...

I have been going to skeenie's for all 20 years of my life. The owner and her son know my grandmother and grandfather on a first name basis. They even might have had their first date here!

Although Chris' on the West side has always been a wonderful atmosphere, there is no better hot dog in town than Skeenie's.

The history and quality of their hot dogs have always been wonderful.

Sean said...

Wasn't there a Skeenies in Kanawha City many moons ago? Maybe 10 years ago? I can remember going and liking it, but can't remember exactly where it was. Good stuff.