Friday, July 18, 2008

2008 Weenie Awards: Best Harrison County Hot Dog

T&L Hot Dogs, Old Bridgeport Hill, Clarksburg, WV 2008 Weenie Award Winner Best Hot Dogs in Harrison CountyIn the north central region, there are two hot dog chains which hold court over all smaller HDJs near them, Hometown Hot Dogs and T&L Hot Dogs. Ask any two WVHD fans in the area and you'll likely find yourself smack dab in the middle of a friendly debate over which one has the better dog.

Although there are some worthy hot dogs to consider in the area, none represented the total package of value, taste, consistency, and an enjoyable atmosphere better than the T&L Hot Dogs located on Old Bridgeport Hill in Clarksburg. The chili typifies what the northern style is all about: loaded with spicy goodness and seasoned to perfection. The slaw always seems to be just right. The ying and the yang (the sweet and the tang) always perform in unison. Simply put, these hot dogs never disappoint.

T&L has five locations in Harrison County alone, and are well known throughout the area. Understandably, they are the most well-known of any HDJ in this neck of the woods. I'll save "which T&L is the best" for another awards session. For now, T&L Hot Dogs' Old Bridgeport Hill location in Clarksburg wins the 2008 Weenie Award for the Best Harrison County Hot Dog.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

Have you tried the "black angus cheeseburgers" yet?

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

No, but I'll put it on my never ending to-do list.