Sunday, July 15, 2007

2007 Weenie Awards - Best Chili/Sauce WV at Large

This is not easy, I'm tellin' ya. Because of the diversity of chili/sauce across the state, picking the best is difficult. Much easier to pick the best in Charleston or Huntington where the differences are subtle, but looking at all parts of the state together we have to deal with spicy vs. mild, meaty vs. runny, red vs. dark brown, well it becomes very hard to pick objective criteria by which to judge.

But looking back over reviews of the past years and remembering the taste of each HDJ, there is one that stands out from the others. The chili they serve on their excellent hot dogs has it all - sweet, spicy, meaty and runny. And based on the emails I get from disparate parts of the state, it is the chili that suits more diverse palates than any other. So the winner of the 2007 Weenie Award for the best chili from West Virginia at large is...

Morrison's Drive Inn in Logan

The only bad thing I can say about Morrison's is that it's to far from where I live. It's not on the way to anywhere I go on a regular basis. So when I want to satisfy my cravings for their one-of-a-kind chili I have to drive an hour down Corridor G.

Congratulations, Morrison's, and thinks for having such great chili!


Christopher Scott Jones said...

This is the best thing to happen to Logan County, well, ever!

Congrats, Morrison's.

TonnieSK said...

What a thrill to run across your hot dog blog! This evening, I was thinking about taking a trip to Morrison's for a couple of my favorite chili dogs and found your site and review.
However, I was transplanted to Ft.Lauderdale in 1963 so planning a Morrison's hot dog run is a bit more complicated for me . . .lol. So maybe the hour drive isn't so bad, huh? If I get back this summer, I'll send you a Morrison's photo log or should I say dog?
Thanks again for the blog.
Tonda Kuznik

Unknown said...

Its great to see a picture of Morrison's, brings back a lot of memories when I used to hang out
there in the 60's while going to
Logan High School. Since that time I had eaten a lot of hot dogs in different countries and states in the USA and NONE COMPARE to Morrison's Hot Dogs. The mustard, chili, cole slaw and minced onion create a balance of flavors that have no equal in the
hot dog world, NONE! When I see that commerical saying "heaven on a bun", I think they have never had a Morrison's Hot Dog, now that is truly HEAVEN ON A BUN!

Tom Jones, Logan High Class of 65