Monday, July 23, 2007

2007 Weenie Awards: Best Hot Dog (Huntington)

One ain't too hard pressed to find a good hot dog in Huntington. Depending on their tastes, folks can most likely find a Huntington-style WV hot dog to their likin'.

A few hot dogs, however, stand out for their commitment to weenie excellence. Any Sam's Hot Dog Stand will serve up a pretty good dog, with the 8th Street location standing out in particular for its uniformity and consistency of product (much like M & M in Chesapeake). Hillbilly gets a heap of mileage out of its sauce, just as Austin's does with its slaw. Nothing I type will change the fact that Stewart's and Frostop probably serve more happy customers than any other HDJs in the area, so they must also receive consideration.

One of my primary considerations, however, has to be my mantra that, for truly great hot dogs, consistency is God. The one place that always and without fail sends out expertly-crafted WV hot dogs is Sam's Hot Dog Stand of 8th St.

As I mentioned in my review, it is usually the same guy there everyday making hot dogs with skill that only practice, patience, and a drive for perfection could forge. Congrats, Sam's of 8th Street. You have set the bar for the Tri State.

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