Sunday, July 01, 2007

July DogCast Now Available for Download

Good news and bad news:

  • Absent a public outcry for more, this might be the last edition of the DogCast; and

  • This month's version is extra long.

I'll let you decide which is good and which is bad. You can download it here.


Christopher Scott Jones said...
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Christopher Scott Jones said...

I'm tellin' ya, you shoulda included my 15 minute incoherent, rambling talk about how digital sub-channel 33.10 is being used as part of a plot by Menis Ketchum, Bray Cary, and that economist at WVU to turn Marshall University into fat rendering so that the State Road Department can sell the oil from all of the state's roadkill to raise money so they can purchase and shut down all HDJs that serve hot dogs with cole slaw.

larryosaurus said...

Great Dogcast Stanton!
I dl-ed it.....and loved it. I say keep 'em coming.