Monday, July 09, 2007

2007 Weenie Awards - Best Slaw, WV At Large

Since most of our reviewing is done close to home for Chris and I, we recognize that we give perhaps unfair attention to Charleston and Huntington. So we decided to expand our focus this year to include awards for HDJs outside of Charleston and Huntington. We're calling this territory "West Virginia At Large".

When it comes to WV At Large slaw, you might think it unlikely that a HDJ that sits north of the slaw line could win, but in fact one of the three candidates for the award sit north of I77 Milepost 111 and another is tantalizingly close. One of them is actually in Fairmont, so that goes to show how fair-minded we are.

The three finalists are:

D.J.'s Diner's coleslaw is amazing, but it is served as a side dish on the "Hound Dog" platter. Morrison's slaw is awesome, but primarily because it sits atop of equally awesome chili. But the award has to go to:

T&L Hot Dogs - Buckhannon

The reason is simple: T&L's slaw would make any hot dog taste better and therefore has to take home the prize.

My review of T&L in Buckhannon cautioned that it was only valid for that location. I have been to other T&L locations and have not been so impressed with the slaw or chili. I don't know if the Buckhannon location does things differently or whether I just visited on a good day, but the slaw was much better than what I was used to at T&L. So, to justly reward the effort we will be shipping them a suitable for framing certificate that puts the world on notice that great slaw can be found there.

Congratulations, T&L folks in Buckhannon!


Christopher Scott Jones said...

A friend of mine from Man wanted your address so that he could discuss, in person, the error in your judgement RE: Morrison's slaw not winning the award.

He should be by at 1:30 AM.

Stanton said...

Slaw is the Morrison's hot dog's weakest link. I think they'll fare better in the overall category.