Thursday, July 05, 2007

2007 Weenie Awards: Best Slaw (Huntington)

While most hot dob joints in the Tri-State are admittedly more focused on producing signature variations of sauce than perfecting the delicate art of slawmongering, there are still many great options for getting some decent slaw on a weenie in the Moneyton area.

Sam's and Stewart's both produce consistently adequate, if not stellar, cole slaws day in and day out. M & M Dairy Bell also does a purty good job of topping dogs with a heafty portion of the white stuff.

There is only one place, however, that compares to the slaw-obsessed HDJs to our east: Austin's Home-Made Ice-Cream of Ceredo. In my review of the HDJ a few months back, I predicted that it would be a strong contender for a Weenie Award and, so it turns out, I was correct. Austin's is by far the best slaw in the Huntington area.

Austin's slaw is all about balance. It is creamy, but not runny. There is a fair amount of sweet to the dressing, but that is balanced by a tangy zing. The cabbage is neither too chunky nor too tiny. The weenie-jerks were neither stingy nor gratuitous in pilin' it on. As a I said in my review, it is "perfect."

Congratulations, Austin's Home-Made Ice-Cream of Ceredo, you are the winner of the 2007 Weenie Award for the best slaw in Huntington. It wasn't even close.


The Film Geek said...

Terrific!! Now, I'll have a double scoop of Austin's Chocholate Peanut Butter Cup to celebrate.

Hancock.Tom said...

I catch the reference to soda jerks, but "weenie-jerk" might not be the best choice of words. Looking forward to the rest of the awards.

Stanton said...

I understand your point, Tom, but you'd think a a guy named "Hancock" wouldn't be so sensitive about such things.

Chris, you know better anyway: Weenie-ista is the company approved term.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

When I get dental, I'll toe the line...

And only a 2% match on my 401k? Come on, Stanton, 4% is the standard anymore.

You don't want me to call the local again so soon after your kneecaps have healed, do you?