Saturday, July 21, 2007

2007 Weenie Awards - Best Hot Dog Joint - WV at Large

As easy as Charleston's best HDJ was to pick this year, choosing only one from the entire state is that difficult. There are so many varieties of HDJs across the state, how do you pick only one? There are several distinct categories of HDJs and within each group there are one or two excellent candidates.

There are the roadside dairy bar types, and even within this group you can easily identify sub-groups like "contemporary", "classic" and "retro."

There the regular sit-down restaurants who have good hot dogs on the menu.

There is the "theme restaurant", "the bar and grill", and the mobile hot dog carts and trailers.

How can I be expected to choose only one?

I can't. At least not today.


I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

No doubt a tall order to break down all the categories. Perhaps instead of rankings by category, what about ranking best overall by regions? Just a thought.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

At-large is, in itself, a region for this year. We are determining the best HDJ in the Huntington area, in the Charleston area, and in the rest of the state (it being treated as an "area" for this year).

As we get to travel to more of the state and check out joints in other regions, I imagine more specific recognition will ensue.