Thursday, July 19, 2007

2007 Weenie Awards - Charleston's Best Hot Dog Joint

The most uncompetitive category in this year's Weenie Awards is Charleston's Best Hot Dog Joint. While Charleston and the surrounding area has a lot of good hot dogs to choose from, there is really only place that you can;

a) Take the whole family,
b) Sit in neat old wooden booths,
c) Have a really great hot dog
d) Take in all the atmosphere that is...

Chris' Hot Dogs

Chris' is a repeat winner, winning last year for both Best Chili and Best Hot Dog Joint. They are a consistent Five-Weenie rated HDJ and deserve a place of honor among HDJs across the state.

Congratulations, Chris'!

See Rick Lee's great photos of Chris' here and here.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

I doubt that this was the least competitive of all Weenie Awards, as Austin's slaw ran wild over all of the other slaws in Greater Moneyton...

But yea, I gotta get up to Chris' sometime.

How are their weekend hours?

clear eyes said...

It seems to me you said you had a hard time deciding on the best HDJ last year (see July 24, 2006 blog entry). How did it become so much easier if Chris' is still the same? I*'m thinking that once the full smoking ban goes into effect, Romeos may give Chris' a run for the money (if they don't go out of business) next year.

bingmanch said...

Doesn't chris' only open for lunch, and only on m-f? There's something screwey about their hours, if I remember correctly.

Stanton said...

Actually they are open for lunch Tuesday - Saturday.

Clear Eyes, once I make a decision I stick by it. It was hard last year, but Chris' won and nothing's happened to change it. You are exactly right, though; a smokeless Romeo's will be hard to beat!