Saturday, July 07, 2007

2007 Weenie Awards - Charleston's Best Slaw

It wasn't as easy this year as last to pick the best slaw served at Charleston HDJs. The main reason was because one particular HDJ took very seriously our criticism of their slaw and changed their recipe in a very good way. This new improved slaw unseated last year's champion, not because last year's champion had slipped at all, but because of the extra effort of this year's winner. We honor effort here at, so this year's award for the best slaw in Charleston goes to:

The Swiftwater Cafe

It might not be the most classic WVHD slaw around: It is a little greener than most, a little less fatty than most but the flavor of Swiftwater's new recipe slaw is without equal in the Capitol City. This slaw could be equally at home as a side dish with some Calabash style shrimp as it is nestled on top of Swiftwater's 2006 award winning weenie (which they would no doubt win again except we decided to nix the Weenie Awards for weenies this year). Nicely sweet and finely chopped, it blends nicely with Swiftwater's excellent chili.

Congrats Teddy and crew on your second consecutive Weenie Award!


larryosaurus said...

This slaw IS great! And a Weenie Award is well-deserved. Swiftwater may have the best overall dogs in Charleston, in my humble opinion.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

And you gotta love the name "Swiftwater Cafe."