Saturday, July 28, 2007

2007 Weenie Awards - Best Hot Dog - WV At Large

This one is easy.

There is only one HDJ that I have visited in the past year that I frequently find myself wishing I could go back for a hot dog. There is only one place for which we get email from all over the state with pleas to recognize it as the best hot dog in the state. And not just the state, we get emails from all over the country; from Florida to Minnesota to Hawaii.

And there is only one place about which I have received threats of bodily harm if I did not pick it for this award.

Morrison's Drive Inn - Logan

Although I had already picked Morrison's hot dogs as the winner before I received the threats, I understand how people can be so passionate about these things. The chili is unbelievable, the slaw is heavenly and the amount of sheer goodness that is wrapped up in that cellophane wrapper is beyond my ability to describe.

Congratulations, Morrison's, and thank you for having such an amazing culinary delight on your menu. Please, on behalf of your fans everywhere I beg you, don't ever change it!


wvapoker said...

What is truly great about a blog like this is I would have never stopped at Morrison's when in Logan or made a special trip to Griffith and Feil's in Kenova if it was not highlighted here. Thanks to the Hot Dog Purists.

Stanton said...

Thanks wvapoker!

Christopher Scott Jones said...

wvapoker, don't forget to check out M & M Dairy Bell in Chesapeake, OH, too. They, like the pharmacy in C-K, do not get the same level of recognition as better known but not as good HDJs 'round town.