Monday, July 23, 2007

Sam's Hale Street Still Open!

Rumors of their demise were greatly exaggerated! Apparently Sam's on Hale Street in Charleston is open for business as usual today. Sorry for putting out news to the contrary.

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Wv Sky said...

It's open alright, but under new management. The guy that owns the Spring Hill Sams bought the Hale Street Sams. I tested a couple of dogs today just to compare. Here's what I discovered:

I told the new owner that I really liked to old owners dogs, and that I wanted to see if there was any difference. The dog looked the same.. warm bun, good lookin fixins. I took a couple of bites and noticed something "different". It wasnt "bad"... but just not "quite" as good. I asked the new owner what he had changed, because the bun, weenie, onions, mustard couldnt have been the difference. HAD to be the slaw! Sure enough, he shows me two different gallon jars of slaw dressing: One was the product the old owner used... the other was the product the new owner used (and it was the product that SAMS recommends be used) I told the owner that I liked the "non official" product better. And so did a customer that came-in a few minutes later. It's been many years since I've eaten at a "regular Sams" hot dog stand. I always liked the one on Hale Street better than others. I was never really sure why at the time... but now I do.